Due to a problem with my vehicle, I had to catch a “City Link” bus to the Post Office downtown from L-A Harley. It was cold and windy that day (Jan. 15). I needed to catch the 2:15 p.m. bus on my return home, so, being a bit early, I waited at the Dunkin Donuts across from CMMC. At 2:15, I went to the stop at the crosswalk at CMMC to catch the bus by the purple sign that reads “City Link.”

At about 2:20, I saw the bus turn at Hammond St., go behind CMMC and come out at the Pop Shoppe and turn left.

I then proceeded to walk all the way home on the icy sidewalks in the bitter cold wind without ear covering or gloves.

I wasn’t aware of the route change, but still couldn’t figure out why there was still a sign for the bus at CMMC.

Could someone possibly take the sign down? I would have done it myself but I didn’t have my toolbox with me.

Not very good public service, I’m afraid.

Frank Grieve, Lewiston