Bull Moose has always had a certain vibe: old-school cool tinged with geeky indie hipster.

You know the place. It’s the little Lewiston shop stuffed with albums and Blu-ray movies, CDs and books, pop culture tchotchkes and gamer gear. Emphasis on little. Extra emphasis on stuffed.

Until now.

A recent move (down the hall) and expansion (three times its old size), made the Lewiston Mall store bigger (thank goodness) and better (more stuff!). Also? They now have their own door. (Like a boss.)  

But, you know, they’re still cool, dude. Still cool. 

* Archie McPhee air fresheners, $2.97 to $3.50

No, really, bear with me. The maker calls these “the funniest air fresheners in the world.” Which is not something Shopping Siren ever expected to need in her lifetime, but here they are in case she does.

Bull Moose’s inventory includes “squirrel in underpants” for a fresh forest scent and “cone kitty,” which features a drawing of a cat wearing the cone of shame and has a “pot-purr-i” scent. Great discussion starter for your car. “Why, yes, my cardboard picture of a cat in a Renaissance costume does smell like Tudor rose. Thank you for noticing.”

* Light-up mini marquee, $8.97

Comes with 90 letters and symbols, so you can spell out your must-see messages like, “Buy milk” and “(Your name) is awesome.” All the important ones. 

* DVD sets, various prices

Remember that old TV show or movie series you loved? The one with that actor. And the, um, car? Or spaceship. Or magical ring? Yeah, Bull Moose has that. I soooo wanted to grab the “Charmed” box set, which cost $78.97 but came sealed in what looked like an actual book of spells. Because being a little witchy isn’t a bad thing.

* Albums, various prices

Particularly fabulous for nostalgic baby boomers or hipster millennials who want to hear the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” soundtrack on their Bluetooth-enabled, retro-style turntable. If you don’t know someone like that, it’s probably you.

* “Fishin’ For A Livin’” music CD by Jimmy Barnes, $9.97

Bull Moose has a gratifying array of local music, including this CD produced by Ellsworth fisherman Jimmy Barnes — whose photo on the case shows a scruffy, contemplative man sitting on a dock with his guitar and gazing off into the distance. Among his songs: “Big Boat Becky,” “Winter of ’98” and “Bitten By the Shark.” So, all the classics.

* “The Atlas Obscura: Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid,”$13.97

Bull Moose has a lot of great children’s books, but this one stands out for its gorgeous illustrations and amazing array of things to do and see. I didn’t see Lewiston, Maine, included within, but I am pretty sure I just missed it.   

* “Elevation” audiobook by Stephen King, $14.97

Bull Moose had a good number of new and used audiobooks, but this one is a Stephen King novel read by Stephen King. Hear the creepiness in the author’s own voice. It’ll either give you a new reason to look forward to your commute or it’ll give you nightmares. Probably both.

* Postcards, 97 cents

Includes old photos of Rumford Falls and the famous Maine signpost that points travelers to Norway, Paris and other internationally named towns. Send a postcard and revive a lost art! Also, use this opportunity to send a thank-you to Aunt Dee for the lovely tea set she sent you for your wedding. Three years ago.

Best find: Munchkin Deluxe: Harry Potter, $27.97

Choose your favorite Hogwarts’ house and face off against other wizards in this board game. Monopoly it ain’t. And for the sake of family relationships, that’s a good thing. 

Think twice: About not dropping by.

Seriously, the place is cool.

Shopping Siren’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who are ready for spring) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

Munchkin Deluxe: Harry Potter board game from Bull Moose, $27.97. Play like a wizard. 

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