DEAR SUN SPOTS: I saw something in the newspaper about a website called Meal Train that is being used as a way for the young officer’s family because of their tragedy. Could you find out any more information for those of us who would like to help? You always have answers for us and we appreciate it. —No name, no town

ANSWER: Our reader is referring to Lewiston Police Officer Nicholas Meserve, 33, who was found dead in his home on Feb. 8. According to the story written by staff writer, Matthew Daigle, and updated on Feb. 10, Erica Vaillancourt wrote on her Facebook page that Meserve’s family “has asked for meals to be donated, as they need to focus their energies on recovering from this tragedy.”

Vaillancourt has organized this effort and created a page for Meserve’s family on the website, that allows people to sign up to contribute meals as a show of support. The website address and the page for Meserve’s family is On the site, you can choose to send a restaurant gift card. I have reached out to Erica to ask if there are other ways people can help and she will get back to us. Stay tuned.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two banker boxes full of old Disney VHS movies and a friend has four or five boxes of old VHS movies as well. We are wondering if anyone has a use for them.—Mike, Lewiston

ANSWER: These movies can be converted to DVDs if you have a mind to do it, as well as the funds to pay for the transition. Photo Finish at the Auburn Mall (783- 3354) can give you more information and an estimate. You may also want to check on the value of the Disney movies, especially if they are in “like new” condition. Some of them are sought after by collectors. Check out and, to get an idea.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In the Feb. 14 Sun Spots, a reader was inquiring about Grange cookbooks. They can call Norma Meserve at 998-2586. Norma, lecturer of Danville Junction Grange, is the chairman of the Fund Raising Committee for the Maine State Grange.  Currently they have three cookbooks for sale at $5 each: “Desserts,” “Pickles and Preserving,” and “Main Dishes and More.”


They also have a few copies of old cookbooks from the 70’s and 80’s on hand.—No name, Danville

ANSWER: I knew our helpful readers would come through!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: After our last big snowstorm, the lovely lady next door came over and shoveled an area so my small dog could get out that morning. Next, I saw my mail lady shovel a path to the house across the street so she could deliver her mail. I love my street! —No name, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: You’re so blessed to live in a neighborhood where people care about one another and are willing to take a few extra moments to help. I say it again and again: a small act of kindness can really matter. Take a look around and see where you can make a positive difference. It could mean the world to someone!

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