RANGELEY — The winners of events at the 4th Annual Rangeley Winterpaloozah! on Feb. 17 have been announced.

Events were held at Haley Pond and Rangeley Town Park, hosted by the Skating Club and the Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

Winners were:

Paloozathon Race — Men, Jeff Berman; women, Katie Pye.

Dog Keg Pull — Small, Celine Kuhn with Brady; medium, Nancy and Gary Perlson with Scout; and large, Echo McDonough with Lulu.

Cardboard Sled Rce — Best Design, Hunter White; race winner, Geoffrey Chase.

Firewood Toss — Men, Ben Samson; women, Maureen Clancy; youth, Luke Gagne.

Fat Tire Bike Race — Amy Hediger.

Paloozah Carry — Zac Lounsbury and Mia Schulett.

Agents from the Rangeley Border Patrol station and Rangeley Fire & Rescue attended.

Event co-organizer Karen A. Ogulnick, representing the chamber, said, “The successful results reflect the hard work of a small, but highly dedicated group of people.”

The firewood toss was a popular event at the Rangeley Winterpaloozah! on Feb. 17.