100 years ago: 1919

Wounds are healed by the Lord alone. Miss Ada I. Sweeney, of Lewiston, a graduate nurse of Central Maine General Hospital, will testify to that, and she is a competent witness. She has spent nearly two years of living and working in France with the 13th Harvard Surgical Unit, living in tents, wearing heavy woolen socks, ducking into dug-outs to escape air raids and doing the grim work of war in a hospital where lives hang by the threads. “America means something to its own,” said Miss Sweeney to a Journal reporter at the home of Mrs. Lottie C. Snell.

50 years ago: 1969

Some family members of the former Auburn High Street Methodist Church will be honored Sunday at the devotional services when a bronze plaque will be dedicated at the United Methodist Church on Park Avenue, Auburn. The plaque will memorialize those members of the earlier church who were donors of memorial windows.

25 years ago: 1994

Clinton Hayward, manager of security for Sisters of Charity Health System, has been chosen to speak at a national convention on health care security and safety this month. The three-day seminar, to be held in Florida and sponsored by the International Association for Health Care Security, will focus on safety issues ranging from workplace violence to health care safety standards. The event will feature speakers from throughout the United States and is geared toward managers in all areas of health care safety. Hayward will talk about the approaches to funding hospital security training.

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