Many of you will say “the baseball player”?   No he has passed away. The “other” Ted is a professional writer who has agreed to publish some of his works in the Highlander.  He was my roommate at Colby. In 1967 I asked what he was going to do for employment. As far as I was concerned, I was going to go to Vietnam, so my employment was covered.  He said to me, “Well, I love to fly fish, so I think I will fish and write about it.” I laughed. “If that doesn’t work, your plan B is to play center field for the Red Sox.”  We kept in touch for a while, but only a short while.

Ted is a gifted writer.  You will see that, but he does something that I won’t do.  He researches his articles. I write off the seat of my pants, but that is because I have been in front of so many juries.  I hope to entertain you but I have no delusions of teaching you anything, nor should you look for that from me. He will be different.  He’s had a forty year start on this, so he won’t run out.

So here is my Ted, in his words:

Ted Williams detests baseball, but is as obsessed with fishing as was the “real” (or, as he much prefers, “late”) Ted Williams. “I know outdoor writers burn themselves out fast with bile and cheap booze,” he says, “but what is really discouraging is when my readers meet me in person and still think I’m the frozen ballplayer.

The surviving Ted writes full time on fish and wildlife issues. In addition to authoring rare books and freelancing for national publications, he contributes the monthly “Recovery” column for The Nature Conservancy’s online magazine, Cool Green Science.  He also serves as CEO  of THE NATIVE FISH COALITION,

He lives in Grafton, Massachusetts with his wife Donna.  They have two children and five grandchildren.