I am concerned about the proposed electricity corridor through Maine that will benefit Massachusetts.

Dangling the carrot of “Maine jobs” and “clean energy” to entice Mainers to see the Central Maine Power corridor project in a positive light is deceiving. Truthfully, only a few Mainers will qualify for those high-talent jobs. And how is cutting down thousands of trees, cutting through brooks and swamps and stripping land going to lead to a “clean carbon footprint” when trees and swamps clean the air already?

New Hampshire turned down the corridor project because people there value the state more than cutting it up to give power to Massachusetts.

I know I wouldn’t want CMP stripping off my homeland, all the trees and such, just to benefit Massachusetts.

Only CMP can speak about what it will do, or not do, about jobs, rights-of-way access for trails or building bridges for brooks. All the meetings and town hall phone calls are supposition and wishful thinking — trying to appease Mainers.

The people at CMP cannot manage their meter readings, their billings or large outages now. I don’t see how CMP could set up, build and manage a corridor.

I think CMP will use Mainers and this state to collect some quick money if people here are so foolish to allow the project. I don’t think CMP will be honorable to Mainers.

I don’t feel that generous to CMP and I don’t trust it.

Sheila Richardson, Turner