I am one of many people who warned Sen. Susan Collins that anyone vetted by the right-wing Federalist Society for the Supreme Court would overturn or dramatically limit women’s reproductive freedom.

She argued that she knew better. She argued that some magic words about “respect for precedent” that Brett Kavanaugh said in her office meant he really would defend Roe v Wade.

But it is easy for someone who wants a seat on the high court to say “Roe is settled law,” then unsettle it later. Now, due to Kavanaugh’s dissent in a Louisiana case, we now know that Collins was wrong to believe him.

Can she apologize now and say, moving forward, she promises to never vote to confirm anyone the Federalist Society supports? Or, perhaps, admit that she is not actually committed to women’s reproductive freedom (and, perhaps, never was)? Maybe she was just pretending that the right to choose was a priority for her.

Voters of Maine have the right to know where Collins stands on reproductive choice. She needs to commit, publicly, to never make such a mistake again. The Federalist Society is a danger to choice β€” that is one of its missions.

It is simple; she should say “no” to Federalist Society-approved judges.

Roxann White, Lewiston