My thoughts on the news of late:

President Trump declaring a national emergency to fund his wall is absurd and an outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars. If he wants a wall that badly (and being a billionaire times over who has refused to make his tax records public), why doesn’t he donate the $5.6 billion from his vault and get a huge tax write-off?

No wall is insurmountable. Torches can cut holes in steel panels as well as weld rungs to them. Holes can be bored into concrete to attach pitons, enabling a climb to the top and rappelling down with rope on the other side.

Trump’s constant tweets, wherein he frequently contradicts what he had tweeted in an earlier one, are akin to the differing accounts P.T. Barnum gave the media in the 1860s and has me wondering if the bone spur that kept Trump from military service were topside between the ears, not in his heel.

Members of Congress from every state should set aside party affiliation and show some backbone to the constituents who elected them. Impeach Trump now for flagrant abuse of power and get him out of office before he completely destroys America.

By the way, I am registered as a Republican, but had no faith in any of the presidential candidates on the 2016 ballot. To circumvent the machine from marking my ballot for any of them, I wrote my name in and got one vote that I know of for the presidency.

John Davis, South Paris