FREEPORT — Landscape photographer Rick Berk will be showing his art at Freeport Community Library for the month of March. It is free to peruse art exhibits and library materials in-house for all visitors.

After 44 years based in the New York metropolitan area, Berk now resides in Freeport. He first visited Maine in 1998 and decided then that he would one day live there. He has spent the past two and a half years exploring the state with camera in hand, trying to capture not just how a place looks, but also how it feels.

While Berk occasionally works in black and white, his work is most noted for the use of vibrant color and fine detail. He loves to use wide angle lenses in his work, emphasizing foreground elements while creating a sense of place. He uses on-camera filters to help manage exposure in difficult lighting situations, allowing him to capture both the vibrant colors of sunrise or sunset, as well as foreground detail that would otherwise be lost in the shadows.

Though his work differs in many ways, Berk draws much inspiration from Ansel Adams, striving to match his ability to communicate mood through image.

For directions to the library, or its business hours, call 207-865-3307 or visit

(Photo by Rick Berk)

(Photo by Rick Berk)

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