Twice since the October flooding that took out the bridge in Buckfield on the Shed Hollow Road, the Darnit Road has been blocked by a fallen tree.

If residents on Darnit Road needed fire or ambulance service, they would be up the creek — literally. Emergency services would have to be rerouted through Sumner, resulting in much longer response times.

If a resident of Buckfield was having chest pain and had to wait for 30-40 minutes, that could be a life-or-death situation. How would the town pay if a family sued?

The lack of accessibility has gone on for two years now, and it is time something gets done. It is said that our taxes help pay for emergency services, but people like myself and my family have the potential to not have timely service, should we need it. How fair is that?

I can only pray that the situation gets taken care of soon, and that no one has to pay the ultimate price for it not getting addressed.

Kathy Kimball, Buckfield