Editor’s Note: March is Women’s History month. We have been fortunate to have many women throughout history who are remembered for their contributions to their community, state, country and the world. This month we would like to recognize our women who contribute on a daily basis, quietly, in their own way. They may not make the history books, but they certainly deserve to make our pages.

LIVERMORE — Kim Cote works in the background to make a difference in her community.

One of her favorite things is a skit she performs in the community. While a junior, she entered her school’s version of the Gong Show. “Kim and the Man” features a tune from the Flintstones, Let the Sunshine In. Since then she has performed it at nursery schools, churches, libraries and the Livermore Falls-Jay Senior Citizens.

“It’s so much fun! There’s a little girl inside a box. She has fake arms and grins. It’s cute,” she said.

Kim Cote of Livermore is making a difference in the community. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

Cote has worked as an education technician, first in School Administrative District 36 and more recently Regional School Unit 73, for 19 years. Part of the special education department at Spruce Mountain Elementary School, her passion is working with children.

She said her middle child struggled in school. She wants every child to function well in school.

“I believe every child is special and has to much to offer to others in this world,” she said.

Cote volunteers with the buddy program at SMES. She meets once a week with a student (not one of her current students). She chats with the child who can bring a friend to the sessions if desired.

She offers her time to tutor children with math and reading skills over the summer so they don’t lose the knowledge they learned the previous year.

“The parents didn’t want to see that happen. I could help,” Cote said.

She helped former staff member Grace Eaton with the Civil Rights program at the primary school.spoke of the time she helped a student who was nervous to take driver’s education. Cote picked her up daily, studied with her and celebrated when the permit was obtained on the first try.

“We took a picture at the ice cream parlor and sent it to her parents, saying “We’re celebrating!” They were so happy,” she said.

Cote has read to children and helped make crafts with them at the then-Livermore Elementary School’s annual Ornament Night event. She painted back-drops for photo opportunities there and at other events.

At an Ornament Night event held at Spruce Mountain Primary School in Livermore, a backdrop painted by Kim Cote got a lot of use. (Livermore Falls Advertiser file photo)

“The adults have just as much fun putting their faces through it,” she said.

She has appeared as Frosty the Snowman at music teacher Jan Gill’s Christmas concerts.

“It’s so cute to see the children’s reactions. I really work the audience,” Cote said.

At Spruce Mountain Elementary School she volunteers at open house events serving ice cream or watermelon.

As a member of the North Livermore Baptist Church Cote has been a trustee, has volunteered for almost 15 years as an overseer of bereavement meals and has been a director for vacation bible school for years.

She sings in the choir and was honored to be a member of the Tribute Singers during the church’s 225th anniversary celebration last August. She currently serves as a deacon.

Seen center at back is Kim Cote performing with the North Livermore Baptist Church Tribute Singers. (Livermore Falls Advertiser file photo)

She helps with the church’s annual lawn sale. Profits are used to buy backpacks filled with school supplies.

“It’s such a big help,” Cote said.

She said her dad and son are Veterans. She can be found at the Jay VFW Post 3335 serving food, helping at Christmas parties or teen dances.

Cote has recently taken on encouraging students to write scholarship essays for Voice of Democracy and the Patriot’s Pen.

She has been involved with several search and rescue missions for adults and missing children.

Cote also helps whenever there is a local benefit supper. She can be found in the kitchen, serving food or whipping up crafts to fill a basket to raffle off.

Cote said she was on the receiving end when her dad passed away on Veterans Day. Two older sisters took her in while her dad was at Togus.

“They don’t know how much they touched my heart, the great service they provided. I’ll never forget what they did for me,” she said.

When asked why she feels it’s important to volunteer Cote said, “It does your heart good to give back to others, We should all be encouraging our youth to do the same. Volunteering gives them pride, strengthens their self esteem and builds character.”

Cote is married to Michael R. Cote and lives in Livermore. They have three children, Tyler, Marissa and Elizabeth.

“There are good things happening within the community. I’m humbled to be a part of such a loving community and staff member at RSU 73,” she said.

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