This is not a political statement nor question, as I have no desire to  join any particular side on issues locally; however, where is the mayor of Lewiston? Since his election, he has been out of the public eye, not appearing at any ceremonies, celebrations, openings, graduations, etc., that I have been aware of.

For the most part, he seems even non-existent in his own office. I have a friend who has been calling (more than three times now, emailing more than twice), having to leave messages without receiving any callbacks.

Does he have a staff? Does he have regular business hours or does he even go to his office at all? In my opinion, Lewiston has not been well represented, as he has not brought business to the local community, he has not been engaged in expanding or improving Lewiston’s image, presence in the state (or beyond) and certainly doesn’t seem willing to bring his presence and support to local issues that affect residents.

Auburn on the other hand, seems to be in the paper almost daily with new expansions — business and residential — along with improved business climate, image and exposure.

Lewiston’s mayor was elected to do something. Anything at this point will do.

Sue Poulin, Lewiston