I am a retired medical professional. My job for 43 years was to collect facts, analyze those facts and then come to a conclusion (a diagnosis, if you will). When the phrase “fake news” became popular, I decided to analyze the facts to see if it was a reality or a hoax. Nightly, I would watch one of the three major networks’ evening news (varying from one to another) and then I would watch Fox’s evening news (Special Report). I also subscribed to the one of the major newspapers in Maine and expanded my comparison.

My conclusion is that “fake news” is alive and well, both in the major broadcast and print media, in the form of political bias. Both media have an obvious, left-leaning political bias.

My conclusions have recently been reinforced by Lara Logan, a well-respected, former CBS journalist and “60 Minutes” correspondent. She recently chastised the media for being politically biased and writing stories to support a biased political narrative.

If people are receiving their news from any of the three major networks and a majority of the print media, it is my honest opinion that they are not well-informed. People may want to do as I did; they will quickly see political bias at work.

Network and news print journalists and editors should take a hard look at their journalistic standards before their reporting becomes less and less credible.

Fred Kent, Rumford