FARMINGTON — Regional School Unit 9 Superintendent Tina Meserve reviewed the status of snow days during the Tuesday, Feb. 26 Board of Directors meeting.

“Without any snow days, the last day of school would have been Friday, June 7, which is early,” Meserve said in a phone call following the meeting. “As of Feb. 26, we had seven snow days, which put the last day of school at Tuesday, June 18.

“At that point, we could have three more snow days without going into the last week of June.”

Monday, March 4 marked the district’s eighth day of canceling school due to weather, moving the last day to Wednesday, June 19.

Merserve said a plan was in place to address possible solutions to avoid having school extend into the last week of June.

“If we have one more snow day, we will add that discussion to the next school board agenda so a plan can already be in place, if need be,” Meserve said.

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