I am just plain shocked to see the Auburn City Council and School Committee acting like bobbleheads, while the School Superintendent, Katy Grondin, keeps adding millions and millions to the proposed price tag of a new high school.

Some time ago, it was reported that the state’s share would be $65 million. From a Sun Journal story (March 7), that figure is now $109 million. In the same story, the School Committee voted to ask residents to pay $15 million for “extra amenities” at the high school, which now has a reported price tag of $125 million — the most expensive high school in the state.

Fiscal responsibility? What is that? Evidently not a priority. And no oversight. City officials seem oblivious to the exodus that is happening in Auburn. Fewer and fewer students, year after year. Yet a larger school is needed — must be the new math.

A rather illegible flyer was sent out that explained that Auburn will have to take out a loan or bond because the city will not be able to afford maintenance on the new ivory tower castle up on the hill. I believe Auburn is going to become unaffordable, now and into the foreseeable future.

New bricks and mortar, using Lewiston High School as an example, resulted in the same old story where about 40 percent of the students are not able to make the grade.

I also have a problem with those half-day Wednesdays. They just keep students from learning time.

Jeffrey Keenan, Auburn