LIVERMORE FALLS — The town code enforcement officer presented proposed changes to the Building Lot Standards Ordinance regarding mobile homes to selectmen Tuesday, March 5.

The changes would prohibit any mobile home from being placed in the Village Area, unless it replaces one that was there legally before the ordinance was adopted.

All replacement mobile homes in the Village Area must not be more than 15 years old. They also need to comply with the town’s Property Maintenance Ordinance.

The Village Area is defined by the Jay town line on the north, the Androscoggin River on the west, the Central Maine Power Co.’s right of way on the east and on the south by an east-west line from the Androscoggin River to the power lines, and encompassing all properties abutting Gilbert Street, the south loop.

Under certain conditions, damaged mobile homes may be replaced within a year.

Code Enforcement Officer Rob Overton plans to bring his recommendations to the Planning Board at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 20, at the Town Office.

The current ordinance was approved in June 2005. Town ordinances can be viewed at

The proposal, as written, would apply to all lots in town upon which a dwelling, including permanent and seasonal dwellings, mobile homes or other habitat trailer, is to be placed or erected, except housing funded by government agencies for the use of the elderly, disabled, or economically disadvantaged persons, unless otherwise noted.

Much of the ordinance, which outlines minimum size requirements for lots, setback distances and the need for permits, has not been changed.

The mobile home restriction only affects the Village Area.

One of the biggest changes, Overton said, was the elimination of the requirement of a 4-foot tall foundation for any dwellings built, rebuilt or replaced in the Village Area.

It would allow people replacing the mobile home to spend more money on the home, instead of its foundation, he said.

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