BRADLEY – Chemo Pond North Association members met with the town council last week to voice their concerns over the town’s plan to remove a dumpster from the Bradley Shore Road.

The town council voted last month to discontinue the dumpster because their had been a large increase in the monthly fee for having it – from $180 per month to $436. The council also voted to donate the remaining $1,300 in this year’s budget to the association to help it cover trash disposal – an amount that would be gone in three months at the current fee.

Association members at last week’s meeting, noting the tax revenues they pay generate for the town and the few services they use because of their location,  urged the council to continue some type of convenient disposal method, saying it is a 70 mile round trip to use the dumpster at the municipal building. Town Manager Melissa Doane, however, said she would continue to recommend that the town council allot the current amount in the budget – $3,100 – to the association, which would then contract for its own dumpster service.

Councilors noted that they are working with a tight  budget cap, and all costs are continually evaluated. They added that t would be hard to justify the dumpster for just a few people when they recently voted to eliminate single stream recycling.

The Chemo Pond residents also were told that while the town has a responsibility to provide trash disposal, a dumpster at the municipal building would suffice because they live on a private road that had no access to any public roads.

While the decision to remove the dumpster stands, Doane did say she would work with the association on future alternatives.

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