World Down Syndrome Day is March 21 every year. On this day, people with Down syndrome, and those who live and work with them throughout the world, organize activities and events to raise public awareness and create a global voice advocating for the rights, inclusion, fair treatment and well being of people with Down syndrome.

One of those activities is “Rock Your Socks,” when people wear crazy socks for Down syndrome awareness. When two socks are placed heel to heel, they look like chromosomes, because what causes Down syndrome is an extra 21st chromosome. So people with Down syndrome have three copies of the 21st chromosome. That is why World Down Syndrome Day is on 3-21!

People with Down syndrome are more like everyone else than they are different. They have goals and dreams, and strive for accomplishment just like everyone else. While each person with Down syndrome learns and develops at their own pace, they grow up to live fulfilled lives with diplomas, college degrees, jobs, marriages and much, much more.

So on March 21, for my amazing son, Colby, and all the valued members in our community with Down syndrome, Rock Your Socks!

Aranka Matolcsy, Paris