AUBURN — The Edward Little One-Act Team recently competed at the Regional One-Act Festival at Mt. Blue High School, coming in second place after a tie-breaking decision with Lewiston High School.

“How Does a Thing Like That Get Started” by Pat Cook tells the comedic story of how a rumor can spread throughout a town. Doc, played by Aidan Peck, narrates the story and attempts to manipulate the rumor he starts. The play follows many wacky characters, including Maude and Myrtle, played by Alina Laliberte and Olivia DuBois respectively; Beulah, played by Sophie Wood; and the Spit & Whittle Club boys, played by Alex Billings, Maxwell Draper and Aaron Hart. The ensemble is rounded out by the performances of Jordan Reynolds, Carter Shaw, Autumn Chapman and Gabe Sears.

The set was designed and constructed by Cullen Couture and Alex Billings. Other members of the crew, Annabelle Pendleton, Ben Gilpatrick, Aisha Kagoni, Ben Hallett, Abby Hart, Tania Bachelder, Jenna Fowler and Sophie Carson, worked hard to make the show a success.

Numerous awards were given at the end of the night: Comedy Trio to Alex Billings, Maxwell Draper and Aaron Hart; Costume Design, Sophie Wood; Ensemble Award, the entire cast; Overall Design and Technical Excellence, Cullen Couture; and All Festival Cast Awards, Aidan Peck, Olivia DuBois and Alina Laliberte.

There will be a performance for the public at the L-A Community Little Theatre at 7 p.m. Friday, March 22. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted to help offset the cost of producing the show.