What is happening to the Democratic Party? Leaders are moving radically left.
They want to make changes to the U.S. Constitution, setting term limits for Supreme Court justices (but don’t mention term limits for members of the Congress or Senate).
Leadership has indicated that they want to prevent voter identification laws (the only way votes will be legal).
They want to do away with the Electoral College, which will make small states like Maine inconsequential. The country will be ruled by voters in the large cities, most of whom are liberal.
Leadership advocates for open borders, allowing anyone and everyone to come here.
They want gun control (where only the bad guys will have guns).
They are trying to control the right to free speech. Just try wearing a MAGA hat in public. My husband wears one and has been told many times that it is dangerous for him to wear that hat.
Many Democrats are adamant about impeaching a duly-elected president.
Shame, shame, shame on the Democrat Party. They lost the election and can’t get past it.  They are sore losers and hypocritical.
Liberalism equals socialism equals communism.
Mary Jane Newell, Oxford