I have to wonder about those people who vote for and support the Democratic party. My first question is why? Why are Democrats, including Gov. Janet Mills and Speaker of the House Sara Gideon so hell-bent (pun intended) on destroying human life? Why are babies such a threat to the well-being of the state of Maine? Do people really believe that ending a human life is in any way, shape, or form health care?

It is absolutely deplorable that expanding access to abortion is such a top priority for Gov. Mills.

My next question is how? How is it possible to speak of tolerance and diversity on one hand, yet celebrate the taking of innocent life on the other?

How can Democrats speak of caring for the poor and those in need, yet have no compassion for those unable to defend themselves?

How can they say they care about women, and yet rob them of the precious gift of motherhood, while leaving some heartbroken and guilt ridden?

The truth is, abortion is a lie. It is not health care; not for the mother and certainly not for the baby whose life is ended. It is not family planning, but family ending.

It is time for people to answer such questions and face the hypocrisy of their views.

The irony is that those who make the decisions condemning babies to death can only do so because someone else made the decision to let them live.

Mark Beaudoin, Hanover,