Flames shoot from a vehicle that had been pulled into the parking lot of Dorman’s Dairy Dream after catching fire in the glove box just after 4 p.m. Monday. Village Soup photo by Beth A. Birmingham

THOMASTON — Firefighters and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded to a car engulfed in flames Monday afternoon, March 25, at Dorman’s Dairy Dream on Route 1.

The fire was reported at 4:02 p.m., according to Assistant Fire Chief Jamie Leo, who said the occupants reported attempting to put out a fire that had started with some papers in the glove box, but then noticed smoke coming from the dashboard and pulled into the parking lot of Dorman’s Dairy Dream.

According to a witness, Jesse Petersdorf of JP’s Construction, who was working on renovations at the ice cream shop, he smelled something similar to a tire fire and looked out and saw flames shooting at least a foot and a half in the air from the hood of the vehicle.

He said a male and female occupant, along with a child and dog were able to escape unharmed.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Drew Graham said the incident is under investigation.

Traffic was down to one lane on Route 1 as firefighters extinguished the flames.

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