Representatives in Augusta should feel it is their duty to avoid unnecessary tax legislation, especially any that could raise the cost of prescription medications or decrease access to care. Activists throughout the state work tirelessly to support a pro-business tax climate that promotes investment and economic growth. That is why it is so disappointing to see conversations in the state capital surrounding new health care taxes and industry fees as a means to pay for the opioid epidemic.

New legislation in Augusta to tax the health care system for distributing prescription opioids is deeply concerning. It wrongfully places logistics-focused health care companies between patients and providers and could result in harmful disruptions to the supply chain. Lawmakers cannot look to the health care industry for funding at a time when health care and patient costs are already sky high.

A new tax on prescription drugs would only worsen that reality for Maine’s families and businesses.

I feel fortunate that Gov. Janet Mills has taken a stance against added taxes from the beginning days of her tenure. Legislators should follow her lead and oppose any legislation or proposal that has the potential to raise health care costs on hardworking Mainers.

Rebekah Mason, Lisbon Falls

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