DEAR SUN SPOTS: The American Cancer Society is seeking local volunteers to be part of Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the organization’s signature noncompetitive fundraiser walks throughout the state.

Community volunteers are the backbone of the society, and by lending just a bit of your time, you can make an impact to its life-saving mission. Funds raised help the society provide free information and support for people facing cancer, and pay for cancer research that will help protect future generations. A variety of roles and time commitments for local Event Leadership Teams are available.

Events are planned for Wells, Portland, Brunswick, Damariscotta, Augusta, Farmington, Bangor, Ellsworth and Caribou.

To learn more about local events and resources throughout the state, visit or call 1-800-227-2345. For more information contact Ellen Russell at 373-3733 or [email protected]

— Ellen, no town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I saw a news item on Channel 13 regarding Sen. Angus King and a bill about robocalling. I wish I could remember it all. Can you find the information for me?

— Louise, no town

ANSWER: I get so many letters on this topic and have more information coming in all the time. I will publish it all when space allows. In the meantime, I’ve also heard it helps to pick up the phone but don’t say anything. Just hang up. It is supposed to confuse the robo system. It’s worth a try!

The following is straight from WGME:

“Sen. Angus King announced recently that he’s signing on to a bill that aims to not only block robocalls, but impose harsher penalties on those responsible.

“Some Mainers say they’re getting as many as 20 a day, and are no longer answering their phone.

“Americans received an estimated 47.8 billion robocalls in 2018, according to YouMail, more than half of them from scammers. But also growing, is the effort to combat those illegal calls.

“King, I-Maine, announced he’s cosponsoring the TRACED Act, to give regulators more resources to find scammers, impose harsher penalties, and have more time to prosecute them.

“The bill would also give phone companies an 18-month deadline to meet FCC protocols that allow carriers to verify calls with a “digital fingerprint” and weed out potential “spoofed” phone numbers.

“‘It will certainly cut the number of scam calls where fake identifiers come up on your phone and I think that’s one of the things that’s most important because people, particularly seniors, are falling for some of these calls and parting with a lot of money and this is a real problem nationwide and it’s getting worse,’ King said.

“T-Mobile launched its ‘Scam ID’ program in November, and Verizon is reportedly set to offer customers free spam-blocking tools …

“The Federal Trade Commission says fighting unwanted calls remains one of the highest priorities.

“This week, the agency announced it has put four big robocall operations out of business, settling lawsuits with those responsible and slapping them with millions of dollars in fines.

“Right now, the FTC says the best thing consumers can do is hang up the phone and file a complaint.”

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