Hydro-Quebec exported 36.1 TWh of electricity in 2018. Its website stated that approximately 75 percent, or 27 TWh was delivered to New England and New York.

That is power that will not produce further carbon emission to generate, as the projects are complete.

The proposed transmission line in Maine would provide an additional 1 TWh of electricity to New England. That power would also come without future carbon emissions, as the generating facilities have long since been constructed.

By contrast, that same electricity, currently produced by burning fossil fuels, pumps 3.6 million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere over New England. That will continue for the life of those facilities. Lucky us — we get most of the fallout in our cities, forests and waterways, as do the Canadian provinces to our north. That robs us of lives, forestry production and clean water.

People can argue all they want about eyesores. Just remember, they don’t kill people, and they won’t cost any money. The grass beneath them will grow back and continue to be utilized by Maine’s people and wildlife.

Unfortunately, you can’t undo cancer, forestry losses or polluted water.

Jamie Beaulieu, Farmington