I write in response to the letter from Mark Beaudoin (March 26).

I find it obvious from Beaudoin’s letter that no thought was given to a woman with an unwanted pregnancy, which frequently occurs because of rape, domestic violence or abuse. Republicans have a history of taking money away from every entity that supports children — families in poverty, health care, birth control (which could stop unwanted pregnancies), school lunches and other “liberal” benefits that take away their precious dollars.

I don’t know any Democrats who advocate for abortion as a method of birth control, but there are times when an abortion is the only solution for a woman to have a safe life. Look at the number of child abuse cases in Maine (recently two cases in the courts). Is it better for a child to be brutally beaten, starved or sexually abused than to be aborted?

Because we care for the poor we are called liberals. Caring means that we try to make sure that children have enough to eat, clothes to wear and proper health care. Yet, too many Republicans continue to try to take away those necessities.

This is not the dark ages, and women have rights. We cannot go back to a time when women died trying to abort themselves with a coat hanger because a man walked away and left them with no alternatives.

Nancy Pinkham, Leeds