There are too many liberals on the Lewiston City Council. Municipal department heads have a wish list of new vehicles and equipment of more than $1 million. The council doesn’t ask for any justification as to why those vehicles are needed.

Everything at Lewiston Public Works is almost new. Why is more equipment needed? The local contractors are starting to get jealous. The spending is absolutely ridiculous.

Lewiston City Administrator Edward Barrett shouldn’t be telling the council that the spending is frugal. I know better. Brand new, million-dollar fire trucks. Every station will have a new one. That’s insane.

I would like to ask Mike Lachance to run again.

Councilor Michael Marcotte questions staff, but is overruled by the rest.

Now I read about a municipal sales tax — wow. They sure find a way to stick it to we taxpayers.

I would love to chisel that budget down. My thought: Buy only what you need, not what you want.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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