PARIS — A West Paris man asked the Board of Selectmen on Monday night to add an article to the upcoming town meeting warrant that would allow medical marijuana retail stores in Paris.

Anthony Christian said he is a medical marijuana caregiver who grows for five patients, each receiving six plants. Legally, Christian can serve his overages — or extra crop — to anyone with a medical marijuana card.

Under state law, Christian can sell his overages from his home, but the town must opt-in for him to open a store. Christian said he already has retail and tobacco licenses.

Although Paris has an ordinance allowing for medical marijuana dispensaries, under state law it must opt-in to allow retail stores that sell medical marijuana.

“This law allows caregivers to perform the same acts as a dispensary without actually being a dispensary and serving thousands of people,” Christian said. “I am not going to be able to grow enough out of five patients to service hundreds, but I would be able to service more than just five. Instead of me having to throw away my overages, I can profit off of what I have put my work and my money into.”

Christian said his storefront would be private, with an area where shoppers would be carded before being able able to shop.

Selectman Scott Buffington asked if the title of the current ordinance could just be changed to include the allowance of retail medical marijuana stores. Others on the board said any changes would  have to be approved by voters at either the annual town meeting or in a town referendum.

“I think we’re playing with a mix of words right now,” Buffington said. “We’re calling it a dispensary because that’s technically what it says, and that’s what people envisioned it would be, but it’s come out to be something else. We have to change the wording.”

Saying they need time to consider Christian’s request, selectmen took no action on the proposal. Chairman Rusty Brackett said the issue would be addressed at an upcoming meeting.

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