Andrew Rice began his excellent story (Sun Journal, April 6) on the recent robotic competition noting that the Androscoggin Bank Colisee would be like a whole other planet. I remember growing up in Lewiston when high school years at St. Dom’s also were fun, although we did not have robots to work with.

Young people already know what great fun it is to do positive things along with others, but there is a side benefit they may not appreciate until they are decades older. I am in my 70s and those young people give me new hope that I will leave this Earth a better place because they are in it and they will, indeed, take it over and restore and preserve the nation’s democracy and ability to love one another.

And thank you to the Sun Journal for continuing a long tradition of reporting the little things that are really life-changing for communities and the world.

The reporter was absolutely right that this will be a whole new planet, and we must make sure we keep it healthy as it revolves around the sun so that those kids and their robots can carry us to the stars.

Alice Bisson-Barnes, San Bruno, California
St. Dom’s class of 1963