Every year, the list of causes celebrated via a day or month seems to grow. Look right now at April, for instance; among other things, it’s National Humor Month, International Guitar Month, National Pecan Month, National Welding Month, and Records and Information Management Month.

Now while such proclamations may matter to select groups. there are others that should be of importance to all of us, such as Keep America Beautiful Month, which also is being celebrated in April. It’s a celebration we wish everyone would participate. We truly believe a sense of pride can be contagious and so can tidiness. Sprucing up a yard, a little paint, and just keeping things neat in general can inspire others to do so.

Most people are pretty good about such matters, but there are always a few bad apples. Over the years, we’ve lost track of the stories about this person not caring about the appearance of their home, that one having to be threatened with court action because their property is a mess. And to some people, the entire world is their personal landfill – drive down the road, you see junk food wrappers someone has thrown out a car window; walk down the sidewalks, there are cigarette butts tossed everywhere, dog doo-doo left behind by indifferent pet owners. We’ve always wondered how such people would react if we dumped our garbage in their living rooms, or spray painted their homes.

We urge folks to take part in Keep America Beautiful Month. It’s such a simple thing to celebrate – all you need to do is clean up a little bit and be considerate of others by not leaving your messes and vandalism behind for them to deal with. Take pride in your surroundings. Maine and much of this nation as a whole is a beautiful place; make the effort to keep it that way.

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