100 years ago: 1919

Telephone service in Lewiston-Auburn and branch exchanges limped and hesitated and almost gave up Tuesday with the strike of the day operators. At 6.59 o’clock you could get any number in town. At seven the lines became duds. An effort was made to handle emergency calls, police and fire calls, physicians’ lines and what general business calls it was possible to connect. The operators picketed Park, Ash and Middle streets at five o’clock, and their dainty shoes trod the unsympathetic pavement in two hours shifts.

50 years ago: 1969

A new 41 cent contract package offered by the Bates Mfg. Co. was turned down “overwhelmingly” by union employers Sunday who say they will strike at midnight Tuesday if there’s no better settlement. Bates employees number 3,000. Denis Blais, area director for the Textile Workers Union of America, said union workers at Bates at two Lewiston plants and an Augusta facility voted “overwhelmingly” to reject the company offer. If there is a strike, it would be the first one by Bates workers since 1935, one which lasted two weeks. H.L.Gosselin, assistant to the president of Bates, said: “We have no comment to make at this time.” Blais said the union offered to meet with management between now and Tuesday night.

25 years ago: 1994

The L-A Children’s Chorus spring concert is to be presented at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 22, at the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall on the Bates College Campus. Preparing for the performance under the direction of Brian Franck are, Michael Perreault, Alicia Parrott, Patrick O’Connell, Megan Pellerin, Timothy Williams, Colin Britt, Jennifer Turgeon, Andrew Girouard and Melanie Jacques, Jacob Sasseville, Rebecca Perreault, Angela Cote, Brooke Peters, Nathan Seguin, and Jillian Asselin.

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