LISBON — A strong housing market, a bustling downtown and investment in public spaces paints a picture of revitalization, town officials said Tuesday.

“You go downtown on a Friday or Saturday night, and it’s full, from one end, both sides, around the
corners between Flux and Frank’s,” said Councilor Chris Brunelle, citing two restaurants.

The change is seen on various fronts, officials said. The code enforcement officer’s report said building
permits for six single-family homes were issued in March, and councilors noted that home sales remain strong and show no sign of slowing.

“We’re noticed around the state,” Town Manager Diane Barnes said.

Lisbon is becoming a more attractive place to live, in part, because of its bustling downtown, officials
said, which now boasts 100% occupancy of all storefronts on Main Street.

“It speaks volumes, because I know we could go back 10 years, and that was not a number that we
would have ever thought would have been attainable,” Councilor Allen Ward said.

“And Saturday we have two ribbon-cuttings as well,” said Economic & Community Development
Director Tracey Streuber, citing two medical marijuana establishments that will open.

Meanwhile, Lisbon is making new investments in its public spaces to continue the momentum. The
town received $300,000 from the Community Development Block Grant program to pay for a sidewalk project called Lisbon Village Streetscape Improvements.

The sidewalk project complements plans for construction of Graziano Square Park, which is undergoing
final design work and bids from contractors. The new park should help spur interest in yet another area
of the town, according to Streuber.

“People within the area, businesses within the area, that’s all going to come into play just as it did in the
downtown,” Streuber said. “Once we start seeing some vitality in those areas, we’re going to see some growth with some businesses coming in as well. I firmly believe that.”

The council is very much in support of all such projects to make Lisbon a more attractive place,
according to Councilor Fern Larochelle. “Anything we can do that makes things happen, to do stuff
that’s actually going to draw more people.”

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