THUMBS UP- Our hearts are full of gratitude when we say many Thanks to the families and many friends of the late Jack Nutille of Rangeley, Maine. The greatest comfort during our sorrow was the expressions of sympathy and the acts of many kindnesses, condolences and support conveyed to us in the many ways we received.  We send the upmost praise and recognition for the crew of, Rangeley Region Ambulance Service, NorthStar Ambulance, The Staff, Nurses and Doctors at Franklin Memorial Hospital and  Androscoggin Hospice House for their incredible support and understanding.

Our hearts are full of appreciation when we say, many thanks for endless prayers, flowers, cards, donations and all acts of kindness received by the entire family.

We deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and I Thank You  for thinking of our family through this most difficult time.

Kindest Regards.

Mrs. Jeanne Nutille


THUMBS UP to the Rangeley Fire and Rescue and all the first responders. Their job to keep us safe is not an easy one. It’s 365 days a year, 24/7. May 4th is National Firefighters Day. If you see one of these dedicated lifesavers, don’t forget to say ‘Thank you!’


With warmer weather coming and the lake about to open up, Rangeley Fire Chief and Emergency Management Agent (EMA) Director Michael Bacon wanted to make sure his Rangeley Fire and Rescue crew was ready for any emergencies in the water. So he brought in Life Saving personnel who were able to train the first responders to the Technician Level.

He also wanted to make sure he opened this training up to other agencies such as the Police Department, NorthStar, and Border Patrol. If and when any emergencies arise it may be the police chief and the fire chief that arrive first so he felt it was important to get them involved and train together as a team.

Total class length was 3 days totaling 12 hours per person. This included classroom work and time in the water. Once class was completed Rangeley had the following:

  • 16 Certified Technicians, these are the rescuers that don the suits and get in the water.
  • 4 Certified at Operations, these are the rescuers that help set up and use equipment from the shore.
  • 2 Certified at Awareness Levels, these are the rescuers that assist with Operations.

A HARDY THUMBS UP to Rangeley Fire Chief and EMA Director and all participating first responders!

Left to Right- Chief Russell French just after Chief Michael Bacon pulled him out of the water. Tami McGarvey

Police Chief Russell French just after Chief Michael Bacon pulled him out of the water. Tami McGarvey

Northstar/RFD Harold Schaetzle and Border Patrol/RFD Dave Hathaway Tami McGarvey

Police Chief Russell French, Northstar Paramedic/Eustis Fire Justin Hurlbert, Chief Bacon, Border Patrol/RFD Anthony Atikinson Tami McGarvey