Seems as though the Lewiston school superintendent assumes that we are lacking in intelligence, common sense and suffer from memory loss. But we aren’t any of these.

Example one: A few years ago we were told that Longley Elementary School would be too expensive to renovate and a new school was needed, but he now plans to renovate and use the building as an alternative school.

Example two: The new elementary school could not be built on the outskirts of town because of added expenses, such as busing Longley students to the new school. Now, all of those students will be bused to the new school even though they are not outside the normal 1 1/4-mile requirement for other students.

Example three: A new walking path is being built at great expense to connect Longley school to the new school, but will no longer be needed as all students are being bused.

Example four: Two schools are being combined with the same amount of students, yet additional staff is needed even though they’ve been adding staff every year.

These are just a few examples. Some of us questioned these issues but were dismissed as being pessimists.

Let it be known that many of us have excellent memories and will give great thought to the approval — or not — of the next school budget.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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