I write in response to Thomas Shields’ letter to the Sun Journal (April 16).

I have at long length known that Shields believes in a single-party system — the Republicans — and blames all the ills of this country on the Democrats and fraudulent independents.

Shields stated: “The Nancy Pelosi House of Representatives has a political obsession of blocking anything the president proposes instead of working on serious problems, such as the southern border illegal immigration, the nation’s crumbling infrastructure or an affordable health care plan.”

Again, I will offer up for Shields’ consideration the following:

• When Barack Obama was elected president, Mitch McConnell said the only thing the Republicans would work on for the next four years was to make sure Obama didn’t serve a second term. Doesn’t that qualify for “political obsession of blocking anything the president proposes …”?

• The Republicans controlled the Congress after Donald Trump was elected president. Why didn’t they pass border reform then? And where is the health care plan that Trump promised? And when is Trump going to unite this country, as he promised?

It appears to me that, during that time, the Republicans in Congress were collecting their salary and doing nothing to protect this nation.

I agree with Shields that “fake news” has cost this nation its moral compass, and it starts with the man who leads the country.

Norman Smith, Poland