PHILLIPS — Join Dave Fuller of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension to learn how to grow great high bush blueberries. We’ll cover everything from plant choice to pruning. He will offer a one-hour program on growing blueberries at 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 1 at the Phillips Public Library. The presentation is part of the Library Seed Loan Program and is free and open to the public. Dave also welcomes gardening questions from the participants.

Dave is an agriculture, home garden and non-timber forest products professional who has been teaching how to produce better crops for 20 years.

The Phillips Library Seed Loan project has available a set of donated seeds that patrons can sign out and use. In return the Library asks them to donate back seeds for others to use in future plantings. Informative talks by local agriculturalists are also part of the Seed Loan project.

Come see the exhibition of Fedco Catalogues over the years in the lobby through June 12, 2019.

Please contact Hedy Langdon at the library with any questions @ 639-2665