You’ve seen women on reality TV with loooooooong eyelash extensions?

Alisha Giandrea lashes women in Lewiston-Auburn.

She’s been at Reveal Salon and Day Spa for two years and it’s one of her specialties.

We asked about nails, eyelashes, beauty trends and waxing requests, and learned a new wince-worthy word. You’ve been warned . . .

Alisha Giandrea Submitted photo

Name: Alisha Giandrea

Age: 22

Lives: Mechanic Falls

How did you get into the beauty industry? I knew that the beauty industry was for me around age 11. I had a natural talent for nails, I loved them. I was always doing my sister’s nails along with mine at least weekly if not more. I taught myself nail art and all the little things to make my nails fun. Then that turned into me doing family friends and anyone I could get my hands on.

Once I started cosmetology school, I then knew I loved every aspect of what I would be learning, but still my passion was nails. Now I have been in the industry for about 3 years and I never get bored. I love what I do!

Pro tip: How do you not get polish all over your cuticles? Lots and lots of practice! And they also make a glue-type polish were you can paint it around the cuticle and peel it off once your application is completed.

Bravo’s “Housewives” have rocked eyelash extensions for ages. When did you start noticing interest locally? Around 2 years ago I was noticing that eyelash extensions were getting big. Everyone wanted them, all ages. I was interested right away — I needed to learn! I was blessed with long eyelashes, but not everyone is, and I wanted to be able to make that possible for people. I have really enjoyed doing lashes. I love anything that is attention to detail.

(To apply them) you tape the bottom lashes down so they are out of the way, then prime the lashes, then you map out the eye for the different size lashes you are going to use, then start the application! I use two different types of tweezers and I have glue close by on my finger to dip each individual lash in and apply to the eye. A full set takes around 1.5 hours.

How do you learn to do it? How long do extensions last? I did a lot of training for lashes, countless videos and lots of practice sets. Lashes are nail’s best friend — you have to keep up on them. You need fills every two to three weeks to maintain full lashes. I always tell my clients to sleep with silk pillowcases and that helps that lashes to not be pulled while sleeping. You don’t need any mascara — you just need to comb them daily and keep them clean and get your fills.

Lashed any men? We’re always looking for new experiences for Mark LaFlamme to try . . . I have never lashed a man, even though I would! That would be a fun application.

Alisha Giandrea’s freehand watercolor flower art. Submitted photo

You’re still doing lots of nails and doing the artwork by hand? Had any funky inspiration or fielded any fun requests? I do fun nail art all the time! I love the ideas my clients come in with. I’ve done watercolor flowers and those are my favorite right now, especially going in to spring. I am so blessed that I have that special talent of freehand nail art.

Most popular body part that people request a wax: Eyebrows would have to be the most popular wax. In second it would be Brazilian and legs. (Editor’s note: Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a Brazilian wax as “a procedure for removing all or most of the hair from the pubic area by applying hot wax, covering the wax with a cloth to which the wax and hair adhere, and then peeling the cloth off quickly.”)

Any I-can’t-believe-someone-asked-me-to-wax-thats? The most bizarre wax request would have to be a BROzilian men’s wax. . . . I was asked to train in them because they are becoming popular, but I couldn’t get myself to say yes. Seems a little tricky if you ask me.

You’re stranded on a deserted island. You can bring one beauty product and one service to enjoy yourself (highlights, a manicure, facial, etc.). What do you bring? I would bring shampoo — you always need clean hair right?! And for a service I would bring nails! They are my favorite and I don’t think I could live without them!

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