This is in response to the Sun Journal front page package (April 24) that recalled the drowning tragedy of a 5-year-old boy one year ago on that date. The drowning was tempered by the heroic rescue of his 10-year-old brother and deserves the attention of everyone — families and emergency response personnel alike.

I noticed the new sign that was featured in the photo accompanying the article with the wording, “Enjoy our river safely.” At the bottom of the sign was an asterisk, including the words in a much smaller size, “* Supervise children at all times.” Those words should have been placed at the top, immediately under the “Enjoy our river safely.”

As a retired 41-year employee of a major utility, I have one more suggestion. The same story stated that an Auburn city official announced “that a section of black aluminum fencing will be installed along the (river) bank near Bonney Park.”

Before that aluminum fence is installed, there should be no overhead energized electrical wires and non-conductive sleeving should be installed along the top horizontal piping for the entire length of the new fencing.

It is a shame that improved safety conditions nearly always seem to come about only after a human tragedy, including loss of life.

Dennis Marrotte, Westbrook

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