Recently, Mike Banas wrote in (letter, April 21) commenting on and correcting some points in an April 16 story about teaching World War II. His last line made the valid point that “teachers and reporters everywhere (should) check their facts before attempting to educate.”

I fully agree and, as a teacher of European history for many years, respectfully note several incorrect points in his letter.

Banas states that of the 21 Nazi defendants charged at Nuremberg, “only 11 were sentenced to death.” Incorrect on two counts; there were 22 defendants, 12 of whom were sentenced to death. Since Martin Bormann was sentenced in absentia, 11 were to be hanged; the actual number was 10, since Hermann Goering committed suicide the night before the executions.

The name of “Franz Poppen” is incorrect. The former chancellor’s name was Franz von Papen.

Finally the correct name of Julius Streicher’s newspaper was “Der Stuermer.”

Christine Holden, Lewiston