LEWISTON — Patients who receive MaineCare and use a Central Maine Medical Center doctor would have to find a new place to get their health care if the federal government stops paying CMMC for Medicare and Medicaid next month.

That payment loss is not certain.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, has told Central Maine Medical Center it will stop paying for its Medicare and Medicaid patients unless the hospital fixes problems uncovered by federal investigators. The hospital has until June 30 to address its issues.

CMMC has nearly 50 clinics and medical practices that could be affected.

MaineCare is Maine’s Medicaid program for low-income, elderly and disabled residents. It is unclear exactly how many MaineCare patients could be affected, but the hospital and its affiliates serve a significant portion of MaineCare patients in the area.

“Patients covered by MaineCare would need to plan to receive services at other providers for MaineCare to cover the cost of those services,” DHHS said in a statement Friday.


Hospital leaders say they are working on the issues cited by investigators and do not expect to lose those payments.

“We have every expectation that CMS will find our hospital in compliance with standards,” hospital leaders said in a statement released Friday.

In its statement, DHHS said it “takes seriously any matters potentially affecting Maine people’s access to health care, including those covered by MaineCare. As the CMS review process continues, we are prepared to respond promptly to ensure MaineCare members are appropriately informed.”

The potentially affected practices include Central Maine Gastroenterology, the Central Maine Endocrinology & Diabetes Center, Central Maine Family Practice, Central Maine Pediatrics and Central Maine Urology. Some clinics and medical practices are outside Lewiston, such as the Poland Community Health Center, Gray Family Clinic and Central Maine Cardiology in Auburn.

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