RHW and the RLRS student Leadership Group invite you to join us for a Reception and Photo exhibit I AM MORE: FACING STIGMA at the Rangeley Lakeside Theater on Thursday May 9th from 6-8pm. We are grateful for the support of the RFA in providing this space and working in partnership with us to bring the Yellow Tulip Project to our community.

This powerful black-and-white photography exhibit aims to erase the stigma that surrounds mental illness by expanding our perceptions and challenging expectations of what mental illness “looks like”. The courageous models in this exhibit are more than their depression, their anxiety, their eating disorder, their post-traumatic stress disorder, or being a suicide survivor. They are musicians, artists, nature lovers, parents, and friends; and they are all Facing Stigma.

The Yellow Tulip Project focuses on “smashing the stigma” that surrounds mental illness while building communities where people realize that there is help and “Hope Happens”.    We know that the stigma surrounding mental health often prevents those affected from getting the support they need and deserve.  We are fiercely dedicated to letting people know that their struggles are real, there are ways to access the care they need, and their circumstances can and will change.  We hope that eventually talking about mental illness will be as comfortable and normalized as talking about any physical illness.  Our message is simple and clear: come together, plant hope gardens, build community, talk about mental health and smash the stigma. We are proud of the way that The Yellow Tulip Project is spreading to communities across the US.

The Yellow Tulip Project encourages organizations to plant Hope Gardens in their community. These communal events bring people together and provide a space for conversations about mental health.  In addition to the photo exhibit we are hosting a Hope Day Celebration on Saturday May 11th from 10am-12pm at the Rangeley Wellness Pavilion. There will be tulips for planting in our Hope Garden, wellness activities, children’s activities, massage, yoga, outreach and educational information available. The celebration is open to all so please join us and plant a tulip because “Hope Happens”! For more information or please call Joanne at 207-670-5236 or email [email protected]. For more information about the Yellow Tulip Project go to www.theyellowtulipproject.org.

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