FARMINGTON — Roasted cricket snacks can be purchased at Ron’s Market.

The ingredient list for the roasted cricket snacks now available at Ron’s Market in Farmington depends on the flavor. Some use two additional ingredients while others require several. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

A sign underneath the cricket display notes, “The United Nations issued a ground breaking report in 2013 urging everyone to consider eating insects. The population is growing and natural resources are dwindling. Insects are healthy, sustainable and delicious. 2.5 billion people and 80% of countries already eat them.”

James Beane said a couple of years ago he had been researching alternative protein sources for farming.

“Through that I found this company that sells crickets. They’re all ready for retail sales and were selling them at Zeb’s General Store in Conway, New Hampshire. I sell my pickles there. I thought it was time to get some here at Ron’s,” Beane said. “I thought people would enjoy them. They’re something unique.”

Beane said some people have gotten them to eat themselves. Others are giving them as gimmick gifts.

“By weight, the highest source of protein one can get is from insects,” he said.

The roasted cricket snacks have been on the shelves at Ron’s Market for about two weeks. So far, people have been a bit hesitant to try them.

Roasted cricket snacks in a variety of flavors are now available at Ron’s Market in Farmington. (Livermore Falls Advertiser photo by Pam Harnden)

“The amount of flavors available is incredible. I’ve tried them. They’re pretty crunchy, very gamy, what you would expect pet food to taste like,” Beane said.

The roasted cricket snacks at Ron’s Market are available in orange Creamsicle, mango habanero, Italian lasagna, lemon meringue, sun dried tomato, jalapeno garlic, Mexican mole, cotton candy, white cheddar and Indian curry.




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