In the United States, no one is above the law but, day after day, I watch what appear to be violations of the Constitution by President Donald Trump as he ignores the rule of law and slow-walks the country toward autocracy. (Autocracy is when one person possesses unlimited power in a government.)

People have a choice between silent surrender and active rebellion. This country cannot simply wait, depending on 2020 to restore democracy; it may be too late by then. People must decide if is it worth the struggle. Is the demise of democracy a price Americans are willing to pay in exchange for a few extra dollars in their paychecks? Will people sacrifice religious freedom to an all-white Christian doctrine? Is the concept of equality and choice important enough to fight for?

Trump has clearly stated his desire for obedience and envies the autocratic leaders in North Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia — countries in which disobedience frequently leads to imprisonment, torture or execution. That is the antithesis of American democracy, and Trump appears to be in pursuit of absolute power, while too many are his willing accomplices.

I firmly believe that the rule of law will decay if government officials aren’t willing to restore it.

I am unwilling to sit and wait for rescue. I will be a part of those who are dedicated to fighting for a democratic way of life by holding an aspiring autocrat accountable.

Patricia Fogg, Greene