Taxes going up again — I wish the Lewiston City Council would do what is expected of them by the taxpayers. If councilors just spent a day at Lewiston Public Works, they would see that the department has more new equipment than is actually needed.

I have inside knowledge that the municipal garage needs at least three new mechanics. All one has to do is check their workload.

Lewiston does not need another assistant fire chief. By my estimate, the fire department is way over-staffed as it is. However, the Lewiston Police Department needs more officers to handle the once great downtown.

Lastly, councilors and the public should check management salaries and benefits. Lewiston isn’t large enough to sustain such big paychecks, most of which go to personnel who live in other municipalities.

I thank councilor Michael Marcotte for trying to stand up for the taxpayers. The people of Lewiston need three more councilors who think like he does to shut down department’s wish lists.

Our plates are overflowing with serious overspending.

Bob Pelletier, Lewiston

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