Two local artists, Kim Dubay and Heather MacLeod, will share their talents and offer art classes this summer, through Gallery 302 in Bridgton. (Submitted image)

BRIDGTON — The darnedest things can bring creative folks together.

Like quirky vanity plates.

Local artists Kim Dubay and Heather MacLeod recognized each other as kindred souls by the names on their cars. When the owners of the red RUG BUG and green ARTFROG first met, they became fast friends. Over the long, cold winter they fueled each other’s fires by spinning their creative wheels in tandem. Each encouraged the other to chase her dream full throttle.

Together, they each honed in on their number one creative passion. For Dubay, that passion is her daily art journal practice. For MacLeod, that passion is her SoulCollage practice.  Elements of each practice overlap, as there is a journaling aspect to SoulCollage, and a collage aspect to art journaling. The two artists plan to shift into high gear and share their talents by offering local art classes over the summer.

Dubay moved to Bridgton just over two years ago and loves living in a small town. Her five-plus years of drawing daily in her art journal continued during her move, settling into a new home and through life’s ups and downs.

Her practice has evolved into pasting pictures, rubber stamping, and doing collage, along with drawings to document her days. Journaling is her passion and she can’t imagine her life without spending time in a sketchbook. She feels this practice would benefit everyone as well, which is why she wants to share all she has learned with others.

MacLeod is a mixed-media artist from Brownfield who has worked with stained glass, rusty metal sculpture, photography and mixed media. She recently discovered SoulCollage and felt called to become a facilitator.

SoulCollage is an intuitive collage process which taps into the transformative powers of images, imagination and synchronicity. Anyone can create SoulCollage cards with magazine images, scissors and glue. It’s simple, fun, healing and meaningful.

Be on the lookout for RUG BUG and ARTFROG on Main Street near you. Gallery 302, in Bridgton, will offer classes with Dubay and MacLeod. For information, call 647-2787 or visit

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