The event is scheduled to start at 3:45 p.m.

The day of the Boston Red Sox’ visit with President Trump started off with a gaffe, with the White House website’s schedule noting “President Trump Welcomes the 2018 World Series Champions The Boston Red Socks to the White House.”

By early morning, the White House had remedied the mistake.

The World Series winners will be minus several prominent faces during their trip to Washington. Manager Alex Cora, a native of Puerto Rico, decided not to attend because of Trump’s stance toward aid for the island since it was devastated in 2017 by Hurricane Maria. At least nine players also plan to skip the trip, including Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Rafael Devers, Hector Velazquez, Xander Bogaerts, Sandy Leon, Christian Vazquez, Eduardo Nunez and David Price. Those planning to attend (or presumed to be attending) include J.D. Martinez, who is of Cuban descent, and roughly 20 white players. The decision whether to attend was left up to individuals, but the racial breakdown has been impossible to ignore.

“People are talking about, ‘What’s going to happen in the clubhouse? It’s going to be divided,’” Manager Alex Cora told WEEI (via Wednesday in Baltimore, where the Red Sox were playing the Orioles. “That’s not the case. That’s not the case. . . . We’re in a good place. There’s some guys that are going home tonight and some guys are going back home tomorrow night. That’s the way we’re going to do it.”

Among those expected to attend the celebration on the team’s off-day are Chris Sale, Nathan Eovaldi, Matt Barnes, Heath Hembree and Brock Holt, along with Dave Dombrowski, the president of baseball operations.

“I have the pulse of what’s going on in the clubhouse,” Cora told WEEI on Wednesday. “Obviously, you don’t read everything, you don’t hear everything, but you have an idea what’s going on. I talk to certain guys in the clubhouse, ‘Hey. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, we decided that this is the way we’re going to do it. The organization gave us the chance to decide if we go, if we don’t go. I think we’re doing the right thing. Nobody has to be ashamed or pressured not to go or to go.’ Everything is fine, to be honest with you.”

Cora stressed that he didn’t want to make the visit about Puerto Rico. In a rally Wednesday night in Panama City, Fla, the president repeated his assertion that the U.S. had given $91 billion in aid to the island, a claim that The Washington Post Fact Checker has given three Pinocchios for being untruthful.

With his team at .500, five games back of the AL East-leading Rays, Cora said he prefers not to play politics, declining to use Thursday’s event to raise his concerns. Cora pointed out Sunday that he has spoken out about the plight of Puerto Ricans in the past and added that he doesn’t “feel comfortable in the White House.”

“[Thursday] is a celebration of the Red Sox,” Cora said Wednesday. “It’s not, ‘Let’s make a deal for Puerto Rico,’ you know what I mean?”

The Red Sox won 2-1 in 12 innings Wednesday, further proof for Cora that his team will not be divided by its White House visit.

“Those kids went out there and they played their heart out. We know who we are in the clubhouse,” Cora said after the win. “We know a lot of people doubt that. But like last year, we cancel the noise, we show up every day, and we play. I was watching the game, and I was like, ‘You know what, yeah.’ It was cool. For everybody that’s talking about us, the situation, crushing us throughout the week, well, they played extra innings. They didn’t give in and you see them in the clubhouse, they’re celebrating Heath [Hembree] because of the first save, they’re celebrating Jackie [and his game-saving catch], and now, we go.

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