HALLOWELL — The Harlow has announced the award-winning artists for Art2019, the 24th annual juried art show on view at 100 Water St. now through June 15. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday. The Harlow’s annual juried show is a tradition that draws artists to Hallowell from all over the state and beyond.

This year’s juror is Myron Beasley, professor of cultural studies at Bates College, an artist writer and international curator. His writing explores the intersection of cultural politics, art and social change.

Prizes were awarded at the opening reception on May 10 as follows:

Best in Show was awarded to Marci Spier of Cape Elizabeth for her oil on panel titled “Cover Me.”

Best in Show and a $500 cash prize sponsored by Chris Walters Productions was awarded to Marci Spier of Cape Elizabeth for her oil on panel titled “Cover Me.” Myron Beasley wrote, “Spier’s ‘Cover Me’ exhibits a mastery of form and content, where one finds simplicity in the visual complexity of abstraction. The use of color and simple lines give way to grids of an impenetrable dynamism.”

Second place, with a $250 cash prize was awarded to Amy Kustra of Freeport for her oil on canvas titled “Waiting for America.” Beasley stated, “In ‘Waiting for America’ Amy Kustra astutely displays a pause of everyday life. It is waiting as in contemplating. Apparent is a sassiness as the hand placed on the hip, and shrill direct look at the onlooker. ‘Waiting for American’ tells a story through a precisely selected plate of colors to emote both the casualness and exquisiteness of every day without sacrificing the integrity on technique.”

Second Place was awarded to Amy Kustra of Freeport her oil on canvas titled “Waiting for America.” 

Juror’s Choice Prize, and a $200 cash prize, was awarded to Rosie Ranauro of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, for her acrylic on canvas titled “Back of my Eye.” Beasley wrote, “Rosie Ranauro’s ‘Back on my Eye’ astutely plays with configurations of the oval. The foregrounding the range of reds, Ranauro’s painting is a performance that invites the viewer to engage actively with the vast panorama of vividness and piquancy.”


Third place, with a $100 cash prize, was awarded to Tanya Fletcher of Kennebunk for her work, “P,” made with oil and silver leaf on birch. Beasley wrote, “Tanya Fletcher’s ‘P’ is a commanding use of silver leaf on birch. The contrast of the silver that emboldens the stunning detailed portrait of a shirtless man juxtaposed with a floral pastel accent that lingers in the background. The appearance of the floral hues in the eyes of the subject that commands attention.”

Third place went to Tanya Fletcher of Kennebunk for her work titled “P,” made with oil and silver leaf on birch.

The following artists were awarded honorable mentions:

Ron Crusan of Port Clyde for his mixed media and found objects piece titled ”ALPHABET.” Myron Beasley wrote that it “recalls the beauty of objects. The mixed media sculpture exposes the malleability, elasticity and textures of everyday life and reminds us that objects, like our lived experiences, are filled with promise and possibility.”

Tom Jessen of Temple for his work, “Idle Hands (Inverted Pedal Points),” made with yarn, canvas and various textiles. Beasley said, “Tom Jessen displays both the fragility and strength of fibers. The looped stitching of threads of various hues against earth-toned fabrics of different shapes is a meditation of handmade things, domesticity, labor and the splendor of our hands.“

Scott Minzy of Pittston for his linocut titled “Divide and Rule,” Beasley stated, “Scott Minzy is a masterful printmaker, the linocut ‘Divide and Rule,’ a large detailed print of a crustacean, displays intricate details and the precision the artist attends to this work. More significantly, Minzy’s attention to the sea animal causes one to remember the allure and exquisiteness of everyday life. Minzy is an artist of a coming time, an artist that sensibly masters the fundamentals of the past and foretells a future with clarity and beauty. Minzy has an eye for detail that is both aesthetically pleasing and technically sophisticated.”

During the exhibition gallery visitors are invited to vote for their favorite work of art. At the end of the show the winner of the popular vote will receive the People’s Choice Award, a $100 cash prize.

Exhibitions are always free and open to the public. For more information, visit harlowgallery.org or call 207-622-3813.

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