GREENWOOD — Saturday, May 18, Greenwood will hold its annual town meeting at 9 a.m. at the Legion Hall.

Town Manager Kim Sparks said the overall budget is similar to last year. She said discussion on the reduced fire department budget may happen. The budget decreased from $120,000 to $95,000. The significant drop had some members of the department questioning the decision.

At an April 16 selectmen’s meeting, member Albert Curtis III asked why the selectmen and budget committee recommended such a large cut. Arnie Jordan said towns similar to Greenwood had their department’s budgets set around $80,000. Curtis said the minimum wage increase, more responses and the adding money to the reserve account are all reasons why he thinks the budget should remain $120,000. Selectmen suggested that Curtis should say something at the town meeting if he wants the budget changed.

Interim Fire Chief Ken Cole said he is willing to keep the budget at $95,000, but that he would like to see Article 10, which recommends the town to vote to raise $30,500 for facility maintenance and repair, to increase to $60,500 so immediate renovations can be made to both fire stations in the town.

Selectman Fred Henderson will be seeking re-election for another three-year term. Residents Brent Lake and Norm Milliard both plan to challenge Henderson, according to town officials. The three-year term will begin on July 1 of this year.

A recommended $434,500 for the highway department is the largest money article on the warrant. The winter maintenance budget is up $25,000 due to the increase in cost for salt and sand. The summer maintenance budget is up $17,500, so more funds can go toward repairs on the Howe Hill Road.

A notable article is 23, which asks if the town will “vote to authorize within the municipality the operation of medical marijuana establishments, provided they operate in compliance with all applicable state and local laws.” If voters vote to “Opt In”  for Medical Marijuana the town will have a committee ready to work on drafting an ordinance based on the State law.  The Ordinance would then go to a Special Town Meeting for voters to approve, according to Sparks.

Article 18 recommends that the town should vote to raise and appropriate $55,000 for capital improvements to the Howe Hill Road. A quarter-mile section of the road will be paved this year.

Voters can start checking in at 8:30 a.m.

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