I am writing this letter to clear up any confusion that parents might have about pre-school choices, due to the proposed Pre-K program.  I will still be operating Keep Country Day Care/ Rainbow School with my same schedule  (that accommodates working parents) which includes:  pre-school curriculum September-May for ages 2 to 5, educational field trips, children’s program at the Rangeley Public Library, special event days, healthy meals and snacks, and summer child care.  My program follows the basic concepts recognized by the National Association for Family Child Care including:  children learn best through play, mixed age groups foster social and emotional growth, and a home environment is the most natural learning environment with less stress and anxiety for children.  Quality family child care programs are an essential part of early care and education, and Rangeley is fortunate to still have quality choices available for parents.  My facility has been state licensed since 1982 and I follow the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines, with a focus on “Kindergarten Readiness”.  I am also registered with the Maine Roads to Quality,  and have a Quality ME certificate.  I am grateful that so many wonderful families have participated in my program over the past 37 years and I will still continue providing this vital service to the families of the Rangeley Region.

Sincerely, Mary Sue Richard.

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